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Wildwood Wildlife Shelter
A kangaroo hop from the Grampians National Park.
Wildwood Wildlife Shelter provides a safe and peaceful environment for the Rehabilitation and Release of sick, injured and orphaned Native Wildlife in the Southern Grampians and surrounding area.

I would like to thank everyone who purchased a 2016 calendar (or two, or more!). They sold really well and are hanging up in every state in Australia, as well as overseas. I was thrilled to bits with the response and hope to do even better with the 2017 Calendar. This year, as well as the deluxe A3 wall calendar, we are also offering an A4 book calendar, which opens up to an A3. This makes it so much easier to post as it fits into an A4 envelope and costs only $4.00 for up to 500 grams (= 2 calendars), plus the desk top calendar for $15.00 with FREE postage and handling anywhere in Australia, ideal for posting overseas. The cost is $20 all inclusive for overseas.

And we now have 15 beautiful Christmas card designs available individually for $2.50 or in packs of 10 for $20 with every calendar purchase. Scroll down and check out the gorgeous Christmas cards for $2.50 or 10 for $20.


Me and my mob wp

Click here to download the 2017 Calendar order form

ori wp1


       duck wp Lulu wp glider wp

FEBRUARY                     MARCH                      APRIL

        emus wp may and chloes release wp corellas wp

MAY                       JUNE                         JULY

       WTE wp evie wp WAM wp

AUGUST                    SEPTEMBER                       OCTOBER

  wallies wp frankie wp

NOVEMBER                                    DECEMBER



    Jan. wp Feb wp March wp

    April wp May wp June wp

      July wp Aug wp Sept.wp

          Oct wp  Dec wp    Nov wp



Chloe wp  rooben wp  wildflowers wp

  Chloe2 wp    wally wp    Harvey and Emmet wp

 clancy3 wppossum wpmorgiana mural with flowers no border wp

  DP3 wptara wpcollage wp

 The 2014 Calendar had Guest Photographers...the Glider and Wombat photos were courtesy of Geoff Sands, the Flying Fox photo was courtesy of Hannah Marco, and the Koala joeys were courtesy of Tracey Wilson. Below are the photos in the 2014 Calendar.

 January wp Feb. wp March. wp

  April. wp May. wp June.wp

   July.wp August. wp Sept. wp

    October.wp Nov.wp Dec. wp   

Christmas card designs....numbered for easy ordering.

Card No.2 also comes with a 'Merry Bloody Christmas' greeting

cards for sale numbered wp


 Christmas card oriana3WP  Christmas card tara with hatWP christmas card OrianaWP

Christmas card Clancy2WP  Christmas card Kangaroo with JoeyWP

Christmas Card paw WP

Christmas_card_roos_1_wp  Christmas_card_poss_1wp  Christmas_card_koala_1wp
Christmas_card_joey_2_wp   Christmas_card_koala_2_jpg_wp   Christmas_card_wallies_wp   Christmas_card_tawny_wp  Christmas_card_nellie_wp  Christmas_card_cockies_wp   Christmas_card_owl_wp
IVORY PRINT are once again printing the calendars as they do such an excellent job. The photo at left shows the format of the wall calendar. The wall calendars are printed on top quality matte paper, are A3 size with wire binding. The cost is $25 each PLUS postage. They make an ideal Christmas gift which I can send direct, along with a card on your behalf, to save doubling up on postage costs. At the end of the year you have 12 gorgeous prints that look great framed, and would make lovely birthday gifts. :)
The desk top calendars are 21 cms x 10 cms with wire binding and are selling for $15 with FREE postage and handling ANYWHERE in Australia. These would be ideal to post overseas but they may cost more!! I have enquired at the Post Office and the overseas postage for the desktop calendars is $5, so that will be $20 all up.
This is our only fund-raiser for the year. Another way of looking at things....instead of 'purchasing' a calendar think of it as donating AND receiving a beautiful calendar in return! The proceeds go directly to helping our wildlife.
Click here to download the 2016 Calendar order form.  I look forward to hearing from you with lots of orders!
The scanned images below give you an idea of what the desktop calendars look like.
desktop_1_wp     desktop_2wp     desktop_cal_wp
    January                                    February                         March
          April                                       May                                            June


    July                                          August                                       September
October                           November                           December
Some of my other favourite photos......
   1 wp_dear_proodence_with_joey2wp_juliette   3web_page_KOALA_TOWNSVILLE
     4 web_page_EAGLE_in_bandage   5 web_page2007_1006jewel0004_NEW  6 web_page_wallies           

    7web_page_kookaburra_IN_HOSPITAL_BOX_NEW 8Dear_Proodences_face_in_grass 9 wp_tawny 






1. Eastern Grey Kangaroo 'Dear Proodence' was orphaned after her mother was hit and killed by a car. She weighed 900 grams and had no fur. She is now 8 years old and still visits on rare occasions.

2. E.G.Kangaroo 'Juliet' was also orphaned as a result of a vehicle collision. Juliet was only 3 years old when I found her dead on the side of the road not far from my driveway. I live on a dirt road with kangaroo warning signs at either side of me, as well as a 'REHABILITATED WILDLIFE ZONE, PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY' sign. Had the driver heeded the signs and slowed down he would have had time to stop!

3. I took this photo while on a brief holiday in Townsville. This is a Magnetic Island Koala.

4. Eric the Wedge-tailed Eagle had been shot leaving a gaping hole in her throat and chest. A local farmer (Eric) rang me after seeing her at a water trough for a few days. Off to the vet we went where Dr. Amy Button performed the experimental surgery. It was amazing! She had 12 stitches in her crop then another 12 to sew up the outer skin. The wound healed beautifully.

5. Orphaned Baby Brush-tail Possum 'Barbara' still with her milk moustache

6. Orphaned Swamp Wallabies. Bilbo, Frodo and Pippin were all from roadkill mums. They came in within a week of each other during school holidays, all from the Grampians. They are the August Pin-Up boys in the 2012 calendar. See how they have grown!

7. Laughing Kookaburra 'Angus' was found on the side of the road heavily concussed and bruised but with no broken bones. He was in care for only a few weeks before being returned nearby to where he was found.

8. Dear Proodence again!

9. Merlin the Tawny Frogmouth.

10. Tawny Frogmouth chicks Merlin and Mavis.

11. A newly hatched Dragonfly on a Scotch Thistle, early one morning down on the dam bank.


13. None other than a Blue-tongue Lizard!

14. Esmerelda Echidna attempting an escape from the laundry sink where she had been bathing in salt water to remove maggots from a wound.

15. Brian the Bearded Dragon was rescued by a C.F.A. volunteer during the 2006 Mt. Lubra fire in the Grampians

16. Pearl the Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike chick.

17. Bob the Brushtail Possum enjoying some tasty Red Gum leaves.

18. A magnificent Wedge-tailed Eagle in for some R & R after a brief encounter with a harvester. Xrays revealed no broken bones. A few rabbits later and he was released.

Roofus having fun under the clothesline....fortunately it wasn't a good bedspread!


I LOVE YOU.......Romeo and Juliet